What To Expect When Working With Pro Epic

At Pro Epic, we use a structured approach to website design and development. We strive to develop an in-depth understanding of your business, your market, and your audience. This understanding allows us to connect every design and engineering decision directly to creating your organization's online face - your website.

Our website development process consists of six phases.Pro Epic Development Process

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, our first goal is to understand your vision for your website. We perform a needs analysis to identify the purpose, core audience, structure, content, and functionality of the website through discussions with you.

Planning Phase

The planning phase addresses the content and functional aspects of the website. Through the proof of operation concept, we match the website requirements with our inventory of solutions.

Design Phase

The general concept of the site design and appearance is formulated based on your needs and desires.

The discovery, planning, and design phases define the scope of the project.

At this stage in the process, we deliver to you our project proposal that includes the scope of work, specifications, time frame, and pricing. The proposal gives us a common ground for discussion and is refined, if needed until it accurately reflects the desired website system. When the proposal meets with your approval, we will send an invoice for the first half of the project to you along with the website development agreement. When payment and the signed contract are received, we assign a project start date for the build phase.  

Build Phase

The website comes to life during the build phase. We connect with you during the first days of this phase to receive the site's words and images. If needed, we can provide copywriting services to generate the content. All wording for the website is checked for grammar and run through a plagiarism checker to be sure it is unique from other web content. At the start of this phase, we provide you with a website style guide that shows the proposed color scheme and font choices. When the style guide meets with your approval, we implement your preferences on your website. If you need images for the website, there are stock image providers that we use. We also offer custom graphic design services, as well as product and location photography services.

During the build phase, we blend the content, functionality, and design into a working website. We build the website in a development environment, so if you have an existing website, it is not disturbed. As this phase progresses, the website is made available for your review and feedback. We then make any necessary adjustments.

When the build phase is coming to a close, we will send the second half of the project's invoice. When your payment is received, that indicates your approval, and you are ready for it to be visible to the public. Woo hoo!

Launch Phase

The website is made visible to the world at the target domain(s). We take additional steps to optimize its performance, security, and search engine optimization.

Monitor & Measure Phase

Work continues after the website is live. Website traffic is measured, and statistics are made available for viewing. We monitor the software for updates and monitor the website for security. We make daily off-site backups and weekly system backups. We keep backups for fourteen days for HTML websites and six months for CMS-based websites.

We're here to help if you have questions or need assistance.