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Pro Epic Services Pro Epic employs a wide range of services. Those services include web servers, web forms systems, email newsletter systems, and management systems.
Data Center
Today, most of our servers run at Colohouse in Chicago, Illinois. However, we have access to data centers in the  U.S., the UK, Finland, Bulgaria, and Australia. If we add servers to data centers in other locations we will note it here.
Amazon AWS
We use Amazon Web Services for cloud storage for backups, as a content delivery network, for bulk email sending to permission based lists, and other services.
Cloudflare We use Cloudflare as a redundant layer of protection for some websites. Cloudflare provides DDOS protection as well as acting as a CDN and reverse proxy for websites that don't have built-in CDN support.
FreshbooksWe use Freshbooks for Invoicing and electronic payments. monitors all of our websites and alerts us if it finds a problem. It reports on the responsiveness of each website, the status of their SSL certificates, and domain registration.
ZohoWe use Zoho for email, online storage, online chat, remote access and other services.