Passive Income After Retirement - Possible or a Pipe Dream?

That's the retirement dream, isn't it? Passive income. Government and company pensions are passive income, you don't have to work for your money any more. That's why most people go to work every day, save whatever they can so they can "retire" with a steady income. And it is of course a good thing. Unless the pension income is not enough, or the company has folded or for any number of reasons you want or need more money.

The choice then becomes - should you go back to work? Start a business and work it? Or is there a way to create something that will give you a passive income in retirement. I am here to tell you it is indeed possible - I am living proof. Half of my income comes from passive sources. Meaning I have to do very little to receive this income. Of course, I had to set things up, but I have income sources that I haven't touched in years. Easy? It can be, but there's initial work to be done. However, with a strong initial effort - the payoff can be long-term and reasonable hands-off.

The ideal situation is to have 100% income passive. That's a tough nut to crack - to me a 80% passive is good enough. A little maintenance and tweaking is always needed. But hey, can you spare 10 hours a month to tweak some websites? If not - you can always outsource these tasks.

What about the long-term security of these projects? It's true, some of these sources will come and go. The trick is to diversify, have multiple sources of passive income. With as little maintenance as possible. And the tweaking there is - you can always outsource.

There are three basic ways a retired person can create passive income sources on the Internet:

1. Set up websites/blogs with advertising revenues such as Google's AdSense

Here you set up content websites - perhaps with a blog that you update with new posts once in a while. Not quite 100% passive, but with a modest amount of effort you can generate a steady stream of income.

2. Websites that sell other people's products (Affiliate Marketing)

You sign up with one or many affiliate product providers such as Clickbank and sell their products for commission. You learn how to set up a website and more importantly to drive traffic to it. Once the site is operational it takes very little maintenance to keep it productive.

3. Create products yourself and sell them through websites and/or affiliates.

This is ideal for retirees who have special skills learned through their employment. You write expert guides and sell them directly through a website and other affiliates. I know a successful attorney who wrote a book on Medicaid 18 years ago, left his practice and lives quite well selling this book.

The bottom line is that you can earn a fair amount of money for little work once things are set up. Say you make $1,000 per month for 10 hours work. That's $100 per hour. Good enough for me.

About the Author: Ingvar helps retired individuals become retirement entrepreneurs.

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Social Media Marketing Training- The Two Things That Everyone is Looking For in Social Media

By Doug Firebaugh

When you think about it, there are only 2 things that people are looking for in Social Media. It does not matter if you are in real estate, mortgage banking, insurance, or even in marketing of some type. People are always looking for something.

You just need to make sure that you know what those things are.

Most people in the Social Media arena are progressive thinkers and progressive people. Most are ahead of the curve in the web 2.0 world, and most have a focus of being ahead of the pack. The early adopters of Social Media, which I am one, started on the Social media scene 5 years ago. There as not much there, but what was there, was used as best as it could be used.

People then, and people now, are still the same. They always will be. But in the Social media arena, they are looking for 2 things that will help them.

Help them feel better about whom they are. Help them feel better about what they do. And help them feel better about where their life is going. All people are in some way looking for that forward focus. That is why in the social scene, there are 2 things people seem to be seeking more than anything.

Only two.


Most people in Web 2.0 ville are looking for Connection. They want to connect with people, information, new ideas, new trainings, new events, new groups, new videos, but whatever they are looking for, they want to CONNECT.

Connection is part of the culture we grew up in. People in real estate understand the person want to feel emotionally connected to a house before they purchase it. People want to feel connected to a car before they decide to buy it. And people want to feel connected to something before they start building that bridge of trust with you. You must make an effort to connect in a way that they will respond to in social media.

IN Social Media Marketing, Connection is NOT Correction as so many people think. They are NOT looking to be told that their life is not any good, or is lacking. They are not looking to be told their home is too small for them. They want to Connect to something or someone that will make them feel better about themselves and where their life is headed. You do that in conversations on twitter, facebook, myspace, orkut, moli, LinkedIn, and the like.

They want to feel GOOD about a conversation with you, no matter the social network. They want to feel FOCUSED ON and Tied into a conversation that will help them feel more a part of something that can increase and enlarge their life and future.

CONNECTING with people is simply reaching out and taking their hand over the internet and letting them feel PLUGGED IN to something and someone that can help you connect to new possibilities and to new destinies.

THAT is simple and the truth. Keep the Connection authentic and real, and they will listen to what your conversation is about and start drawing closer to you and your message.

2) Elevation.

People want to feel like they are being lifted higher in their life. They want to feel like their life is going somewhere and means something. We all do. We all are looking for that special feeling that we are special, and as trite as that sounds, it is the truth.

What can you do to create that feeling that they truly believe they are walking on air?

Life them up by noticing something g they said that has helped you.

Compliment them.

Give them a kind remark about their efforts in what they are doing in Social Media.

Ask questions they might know the answer to show you appreciate their knowledge..

Send them new ideas on their passion.

Notice something about their conversation that you can totally appreciate and let them know about it.

Empower them with encouragement.

Thank them for learning something from them.


It will make them glad they talked to you in Social Media. And they will remember you the next message, tweet, or conversation. They will move from the Awareness stage, to the Appreciation stage in Social Media.

As a realtor, you will see that they can start to trust you, and even start referring possible clients to you as people they know are moving out or into - your area.

Remember- it is NOT what you said. But how you made them feel by Connecting with them and Elevating their hope and future in the Social media Marketing arena.


About the Author: Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM Success HEAT- at:

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Social Media - Why It's Ok Not To Have A Social Media Strategy

By Andrew Atalla

Social is the new buzz word. Everyone’s doing it, and everyone’s talking about it. Buzz Tracking, Social Media Monitoring, Perception management – it’s all big business now, with agencies popping up all over the place specialising in this market alone.

Meanwhile, marketers are running around trying to get in on the bandwagon which, without proper consideration, may not even take them anywhere.

I can just imagine the water-cooler moment with two marketing heads talking about how amazing it is that Facebook has grown so fast, before immediately deciding that they need a corporate Facebook page. A month later, they’re starting a Twitter account and presenting to their bosses about how they’re at the forefront of digital.

Fools rush in

While this ‘social media strategy’ may get them a pat on the back, it rarely results in any genuine business success, neither does it really represent any form of strategy. However, you could argue that the only thing wasted is a bit of time, so it’s not a huge problem. This is true only until we realise how significant the gain may have been – as which point the opportunity cost becomes quite significant.

The problem arises from today’s action-led corporate world, where we are obsessed with all things ‘doing’. What we’re doing, what we’ve done and what we’re going to do. As long as we’re doing, our salaries are safe.

Sit quietly and listen...

When developing a social media strategy, try a different approach. Just this one time, park being proactive and instead, realise it’s ok to not know what you’re supposed to do. Only with this mindset will you be able to extract from the new and exciting world of social media the real value. After all – this is not an arena for you to flex your corporate biceps, but rather to sit quietly. Listen. Absorb. Consider.

When search marketing started booming, it was a revolution. Representing ‘pull marketing’, search allowed companies to target active consumers who were genuinely ‘in the market’. As the consumers were in charge, they didn’t mind being fed messages by companies trying to bid for their business as they had, in fact, requested it. This happy relationship meant we could all go about our business, lining the pockets of Google.

The mindset of a social surfer is entirely different. They're not calling your customer service centre or placing an order online, they're just chatting. It just so happens that the online world is so transparent, you know exactly what they’re chatting about. Whilst the ‘doing’ urge might be strong, it would be rude to barge in.

Design a considered response

The first problem is that consumers are bored of companies trying to sway their opinion. And to be fair, you can see why, given that an average person is exposed to 1000s of marketing messages each and every day.

The second problem is that a company’s urge to ‘do something’ often results in a defensive approach, rather than a creative one. My favourite example is from EA Sports, who responded to a video posted by a customer on YouTube.

The ‘Jesus Shot’ showed Tiger Woods being able to walk on water due a bug in the PGA Tour 2008 EA Sports game. Clearly a glitch, a natural response would have been to run off and try to fix it for the next release. Perhaps communicate with the poster about the fix, send him a free game as a thankyou for his feedback, and assume you’ve correctly leveraged ‘social’ to its full potential.

EA took a different tack, using this feedback to create a reply which has now been viewed over 3 million times. Had EA not tracked the space with such an open and creative mindset, this initiative would never have occurred, and their brand would have been interacted with 3 million times less.

Let the consumers take the lead

The first thing you need to do is simply to start tracking. There are a number of paid tools you can subscribe to, although many will be too expensive for non blue chip companies. However, there are other few tools you can use, or get your agency to start tracking this for you.

At the very least, you should set up some Google Alerts for your company name, your competitors, and indeed the core terms relating to your market and offering. Make a list of some of the key sites you know where people discuss what you offer and check them regularly.

Check in on Facebook every now and then to see if there are any groups which related to what you do, hunt out relevant blogs, track the twitter space closely to get a feel for the zeitgeist of your industry – immerse yourself in your consumers.

Know your audience

With the correct systems in place, it's possible to learn more about your audience than ever before. What they like, what they hate, what they tell their friends and what they fear. Intelligent, considered and creative analysis of what you find can lead you down many a road which you had not even considered.

As I said – it’s ok to not have a social media strategy just yet. In fact, I think that’s the whole point...

About the Author: Andrew Atalla is the founder of atom42, a London online marketing agency. atom42 employs a range of marketing fields to create an integrated online marketing strategy for each of its clients.

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