Website Upgrade for QFC Services, LLC

QFC Services Website QFC Services Website

QFC Services, LLC, one of our long-time customers has upgraded its website, The new website features a mobile-first design and an optimized platform, including a CDN and automatically optimized images.

The original QFC Services websiteWhen we built their original website they told us that they were avid gamers and wanted the website to have a dramatic look. Their trademark green color is eye-catching as can be. The website was one of our first responsive websites and was state-of-the-art at the time. The website held its own for almost a decade, with only minor revisions. Nothing lasts forever, and QFC Services finally decided that it was time to give their website a new look for a new decade.

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Check out the New Spectacles West Website!


We built a website for our friends at Spectacles West in Weatherford, Texas, years ago. It served them well for a long time. Times change as well as technologies, and it was time for an upgrade. 


They wanted something with a more modern look and more mobile-friendly. They wanted something eye-catching and displayed their unique personalities. They have a lot of character, so that was a pretty tall order. I think we pulled it off rather well.


Their new website is fully responsive and looks and functions great on all sizes of displays. The website software is GDPR and CCPA compliant and can easily be modified to comply with any privacy regulations that may come along in the future.

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