Creating an Effective Church Welcome Packet

Creating an Effective Church Welcome Packet
By Vince Williams III

A first-rate welcome packet is an important part of the new visitor experience. Done correctly, a packet can help to draw someone back to your church again, by informing them of opportunities to connect with other members while also reminding them of the personality and mission of your church. Let's evaluate this tool and explore how to create an effective welcome packet with limited effort while saving money.

Every welcome packet has 2 basic components: the outer shell, and the internal materials. Some churches start with the outer shell and then decide what to put in it. Others choose what they want to give to attendees, and then choose an appropriate container for those resources. Either way works; just find what works best for your team.

The Shell

The outside of a welcome packet can take many forms. Some churches opt for putting literature inside a mug; others use bags or fancy printed boxes. But the most common approach is the presentation folder, which offers a low-cost way to present information to your new attendees. The challenge with folders is that they can lack personality. Linen folders with gold embossed lettering, the norm at many traditional churches, may say that you are classy, but not necessarily friendly.

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