Promote Your Business by Promoting Your Blog

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One of the easiest ways to promote your business is to blog about it. Then support your blog by sharing your posts using email and social media.

We have connected our blog to several services as a demonstration.

Each article automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter. In recent years both Facebook and Twitter have gone to great efforts to eliminate spam or misleading posts. As a result, setting up interfaces with those systems can be tedious, confusing, and time-consuming. Both Facebook and Twitter have vetting processes for you and your business that are required before they will allow the apps to function.

Ther are several buttons that appear at the bottom of the article. Those buttons allow users to share the post to their favorite service, like Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

The post contains an RSS feed link that enables the article to appear in a feed to other services, like Feedburner. RSS feeds can also be used to populate a newsreader application on your computer. Examples of newsreader apps are Feedly or Smart RSS

The blog supports four different channels for connecting to people via email.

The first is a "Subscribe to our blog" button. After signing up, the user will receive a notification email for each new blog post.

The second is a "Join Our Mailing List" button. This button initiates a double opt-in process where the user subscribes to the same system that we use to send email newsletters.

The third method is to sign up to receive updates from Feedburner. Feedburner uses the RSS feed from our blog to automatically send email notifications of new blog posts.

The fourth method allows users to subscribe to the comments section of an article. The system will notify the user when new comments are published.

The website will send an automatic notification to Pingomatic, a service that will, in turn, send information to multiple blogging and news systems.

Our server updates the sitemap for the website and submits it to multiple search engines. Search engines love new content and usually index new blog posts quickly.

If you are planning on blogging to promote your business, we heartily recommend that you take the time to consider your strategy to promote your blog. Automation and integration with other systems can make a huge difference in how your blog performs.


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When you subscribe to the blog, we will send you an e-mail when there are new updates on the site so you wouldn't miss them.

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