Website Policy Pages

Premier Websites pricing  includes website policy pages.

Website policy pages are a way to inform visitors of the rules and regulations you expect them to follow while using your site. There are a few reasons why you might have one: policies required by law in some places, required in specific industries, or required by online services.

Some websites require you to agree to their terms of use before using their service or viewing content on the site. Displaying your policy is a good idea if you have any terms of use because it protects both sides. It lets the visitor know what they can expect from your site and how they should behave while using it.

A privacy policy tells users how your site collects personal information and what it does with that data once it has been collected (or not). You want people coming onto your site to feel safe and secure when they do so - which means letting them know what kind of information they're sharing with you and why they should trust you with it!

We are not attorneys. We purchase customized policies from companies that provide attorney-drafted legal agreements. They host the policies and keep them updated while you take care of your business.

The policies that we can provide include: Acceptable Use Policy, Cookie Policy, Disclaimer, DMCA Policy, Guest Post Agreement, Privacy Policy
, Refund Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

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